Mouse Genotyping

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  • We guarantee competitive prices for both Non-profit and private sector organizations.
  • Currently we offer $7.50 per sample, and $2.0 each additional assay using the same sample
  • Contact us at, 510-558-0368, 415-738-2509 for free trial


  • The most flexible service with the highest success rate
  • Personalized services for your specific needs
  • Free local daily pickup


The general turnaround time is 3 to 5 days, but could be faster for local customers


Comprehensive genotyping report

Sample Preparation ans Submission

  • Tube Labling: use your initial and number to label all tubes, e.g. NM1, NM2, NM2..., place all tubes and order form inside dropoff box for local pickup, or ship package to us at: Quintara, 636 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA 94706
  • Sample Storage for Local Pickup: Place your samples in cold room dropoff box, no need to prepare samples with ethanol
  • Sample Storage for Shipping: Fully immersing samples in 70% ethanol, tightly seal your tubes or plates
  • Primer and PCR protocol: Please kindly provide primer and PCR protocol, positive control, and negative control for the first order, we will stock primers for future use.